Do you have bare areas in your lawn?

Have you tried to plant grass seed in part of your lawn, but haven’t been successful? No worries, we can help you with that!

The best way to seed extremely thin or barren areas of dirt is through a technique called slit-seeding! What makes slit-seeding (also referred to as “slice-seeding”) such a great option for seeding projects is the way it embeds the seed directly into the soil. Soil to seed contact is extremely important for grass seed germination to be successful. River Valley Lawnscape uses top of the line slit seeding equipment designed to sow the seed directly into the surface of the dirt giving it a great chance for germination. With proper watering, your bare areas will be a thing of the past. Once the grass gets a bit thicker you can start a lawn over-seeding program which will help make thin grass become thicker.

Do you have a patchy lawn made up of different grass types? Slit-seeding can be performed on already established lawns as well. It’s an incredibly effective way to blend lawns that have developed a patchy appearance from being seeded with different types of grass over time.

Are you planning to install a brand new yard? Slit-seeding can be used to establish completely new lawns from scratch. Some lawns have large patches of wild grass types or weedy grass types that are undesirable and need to be removed. Once those patches have been removed, we can come through with our slit-seeder and replace those areas with desired grass varieties.

Remember that thick grass turf is great for weed control and will help to reduce or eliminate weeds and undesired grasses by keeping them from being able to take root in the first place.

When Slit-seeding we use only premium quality grass seeds that include disease and insect resistant strands of seed to help the overall strength and resilience of your lawn. Schedule your Slit-seeding today!

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