Does your lawn seem like it’s on the decline? Have you been experiencing more lawn diseases and thinning?

There are significant problems that can happen to your lawn when its cultural needs aren’t met. Lawns need air, water, nutrients, sunlight and room to grow. If some or all of these things aren’t readily available in the right amounts your lawn will suffer. Luckily, this is where lawn aerating comes in. By removing soil plugs from your turf you can improve several aspects of your lawn. A compacted soil restricts air flow, moisture penetration, and the root systems ability to grow and expand. The root system has more difficulty drawing in nutrients as well. Over time a lawn that isn’t aerated regularly will start to decline without these vital elements.

The good news? River Valley Lawnscape offers lawn aerating services! We use state of the art equipment. Our machines insure that the job gets done with the highest level of quality. A regular aeration can prevent these problems from ever happening in the first place. Preventing problems are far easier than fixing them. We recommend having at least one lawn aeration each season in either the spring or the fall. If you can aerate twice per season that would bring even greater benefit.


Aerating can also reduce the occurrence of disease in the lawn. If moisture, whether it be rain water, irrigation, or dew has a difficult time working its way into the soil it can cause diseases. Properly aerating can reduce standing water areas and poor drainage.



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