Is your lawn getting a little thin?

The best way to thicken a thin lawn, or to ensure that your wonderful lush turf stays robust is to regularly over-seed your lawn.

Over-seeding your lawn will provide excellent health and thickness for your lawn year after year. Why worry about dealing with a thinning lawn when you can ensure that your lawn remains thick?


At River Valley Lawnscape we only offer over-seeding along with our fall lawn aeration service. Over-seeding along with an aeration has some important benefits for seed germination. By applying the seed after the lawn is freshly aerated the amount of seed that makes contact with the soil is significantly improved. This gives you a better seed germination rate. Where seed is concerned, germination is the name of the game.

Do you have a patchy lawn made up of different grass types? There are many added benefits to over-seeding beyond thickening your lawn. Introducing seed throughout the lawn can help blend lawns that have a patchy appearance from being seeded in patches over time with different types of grass. After regularly overseeding for a few seasons its possible to even out the appearance of your lawn.

Over-seeding also helps to reduce or eliminate weeds and undesired grasses by out competing those plant types. Beyond that, we over-seed with only premium quality Kentucky bluegrass and perennial rye grass seeds that include disease and insect resistant strands of seed to help the overall strength and resilience of your lawn. Schedule your aeration with over-seeding today!

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